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Inci-Flex, with over 20 years’ experience in the development of the preprint for flexible packaging, is the result of a passionate story beginning with the dedication of founder Carmine Consalvo, and carried on with enthusiasm by his son Vincenzo. As a global partner, it produces state-of-the-art products for rotogravure, flexo and corrugated cardboard printing, a goal pursued through the constant enhancement of specialized resources, innovative plants and equipment. In Inci-Flex, passion and professionalism are combined with spirit of innovation and technology applications. The company’s philosophy has solid roots in human values, working with confidence, professionalism and vision towards the future, in order to offer a result, rather than sell a product. Inci-Flex enforces comprehensive quality policy resulting in a system of procedures and protocols in all business phases. Inci-Flex is a unique partner for 4 different sectors: flexo digital plates, direct laser engraving, rotogravure cylinders, flexo slabs for corrugated cardboard, design and preprint. The first company in the world to adopt Esko’s new CDI Crystal 5080 XPS, Inci-Flex confirms its investment capacity and strong drive for technological innovation. The research and development department is our beating heart; consistency of results, greater control, vision and innovation are reflected in continuous new investments in technology and expertise.

1 Our headquarters
2/3 Digital flexo plates. The digital flexo department is characterized by high innovation rate for plastic films packaging, ensuring excellent results in terms of quality, reduction of production time and repeatability results.
4/5 Rotogravure cylinders. The automatic line performs the entire cycle of cylinder processing cycle until the final step, also carrying out the intermediate geometry and surface cylinder checks, offering precision and quality.
6 Design and preprint. The most advanced software processing and generating files from a co-design perspective, alongside technical skills for every customer’s need. From large-format to digital color testing, the Repro/Preprint department controls and optimizes graphics for traditional, digital and rotogravure engraving.