General Manager @ Assocarta

Massimo Medugno

Massimo Medugno, lawyer in Rome, was appointed General Manager of Assocarta in 2008, and has since been holding productive relations with national and international institutions, administrations and organizations. He is an active participant in CEPI (Confederation of the European Paper Industry) as a member of the Directors’ Assembly and Recycling Commission; representing the Ministry of Environment he took part in the TWG (Technical Working Group) for best techniques available for “Pulp & Paper”, in an integrated approach to waste and pollution. He has published several articles on environment, with a specific focus on waste, packaging and the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Reduction) directives. In 2008, together with S. Maglia, he published “Codes for Waste and Decontamination” and he is one of the authors, with Gabriotti, Ramunni and Manduzio of “The IPPC Directive”, published in 2003. Massimo Medugno is a close collaborator of the Paper, Environment and Developement Industry by Wolter Kluwer and of Formiche.