2 March 2020

Matteo Bordone, explorer of the future.

Matteo Bordone, journalist and radio&tv presenter, expert in digital culture, is the perfect choice to host Print4All Conference – Future Factory and its panels and talks: he is passionate about new technologies and, guided be this everchanging present reality, he specialises in travels into the future.
“The future is just like this: sometimes it knocks, sometimes it rings the doorbell or sends a letter… other times it burges in like a party crasher, and when you find it in front of you, the questioni is, what can you actually do? “.

This is how Matteo Bordone talks about the future in an episode of his program Digital World 3, where we find him facing, among others, the captivating theme of artificial intelligence: the giant steps it’s making today and what will be of it tomorrow.