23 March 2020

Fabrizio Renzi, brain and computer.  

When talking about the future, we inevitably have to talk about machines and artificial intelligence.
This is the reason why, among the speakers at Print4All Conference – Future Factory, we couldn’t miss the voice of Fabrizio Renzi. President and CEO of RnBGate and RnB4Culture, Angel Investor and IBM partner, he has been a keynote speakers at a large number of scientific and technological events, and he is the author of multiple articles and publications in collaboration with Italian and international Universities.
“… All the computing power that brought the man to the moon in 1969 is just a microscopic fraction of the computing power held in your smartphone today…”: this is one of the examples that Fabrizio Renzi offers the public in order to define the evolution of artificial intelligence during his fascinating speech at TEDxTrento.