2 June 2020

Discovering Industry 4.0 with Vincenzo Baglieri

In an increasingly interconnected world, Industry 4.0, with its digitization processes, cannot be set aside. And no one better than Enzo Baglieri, professor of Technology Management, Innovation and Operations at Bocconi University, will be able to explain it to the audience of Print4All Conference -Future Factory.
It is no coincidence that Industry 4.0, the first supply chain project in Italy on smart manufacturing, has seen Enzo Baglieri among its leading figures. Launched in 2017 by Federazione Carta e Grafica in partnership with SDA Bocconi, the project developed in three distinct phases: corporate check-ups, classroom training and consulting teams, looking to implement the 4.0’s strategy to the highest level possible.
Listening to his speech on June 24 at Print4All Conference – Future Factory will be an added value for everyone.