16 June 2020

Comieco e Corepla: two consortia with a fundamental role.

Plastic, paper, cardboard. Those materials are at the core of the entire printing and packaging industry and their recyclability determines sustainability in the supply chain. This is the reason why, at Print4All Conference – Future Factory we will find Comieco and Corepla, talking about their fundamental role. Comieco is the Italian Consortium for the Recovery […]

11 June 2020

Inside voices from IPAMA and APTech at Print4All Conference – Future Factory

An in-depth understanding of global scenarios, industry trends and prospects on international markets is essential to foresee the challenges that the future offers. Receiving insights and information from within, becomes therefore essential to establish an clear picture of the present, and that is why at Print4All Conference – Future Factory we worked to bring valuable […]

2 June 2020

Discovering Industry 4.0 with Vincenzo Baglieri

In an increasingly interconnected world, Industry 4.0, with its digitization processes, cannot be set aside. And no one better than Enzo Baglieri, professor of Technology Management, Innovation and Operations at Bocconi University, will be able to explain it to the audience of Print4All Conference -Future Factory. It is no coincidence that Industry 4.0, the first […]

27 May 2020

Print4All Conference – Future Factory: look at the preview’s highlights.

Brilliantly hosted by Matteo Bordone, the Print4All Conference – Future Factory preview of May 18 saw the participation of Andrea Briganti, General Manager of Acimga and Federazione Carta e Grafica, Enrico Barboglio, General Manager at Argi, Alice Bodreau, Global Partners Manager at Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Fabrizio Renzi, President and CEO of RnBGate and RnB4Culture, […]

19 May 2020

Great partecipation on Print4All Conference – Future Factory Preview

If, as the saying goes, a good start makes a good ending, the success of participation recorded by the Print4All Conference – Future Factory preview on Monday May 18 is certainly a great omen for the event of June 24. In his opening speech, Andrea Briganti made his debut showing satisfaction for the high numbers: […]

12 May 2020

18 May 2020: Print4All Conference – Future Factory Preview

Thed Mayd 18 Preview of Print4All Conference- Futured Factoryd isd approaching: Matteo Bordoned isd goingd tod presentd fourd speakers: Andrea Briganti, Enricod Barboglio, Aliced Bodreaud and Fabrizio Renzi.d Theyd willd introduced usd to thed topicsd we’lld bed examiningd ind depthd ond Juned 24. Print4All Conference – Futured Factoryd becamed a streaming event,d adaptingd to thed […]

5 May 2020

Matteo Bordone and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Future and artificial intelligence seem to travel together, inevitably accompanied by a number of questions, like the ones that Matteo Bordone, journalist and host of Print4All Conference – Future Factory, has asked himself. “… Artificial intelligence is very smart, it knows how to behave but not enough to also be moral, that is, to behave […]

28 April 2020

Ellen Macarthur Foundation: with Alice Bodreau a reliable guide to transition.  

Alice Bodreau, Global Partners Manager Ellen MacArthur Foundation, plays an increasingly strategic role: helping global companies of every industry in the transition to circular business models, collaborating towards the developement and the implementation of new strategies, through the organizational transformations that the transition necessarily requires. Circular economy is at the centre of an important debate, […]

21 April 2020

Marco Roveda, sustainability pioneer.

Marco Roveda, founder of LifeGate, is a man who has always assigned a foundamental role to ethical values and the respect for man and the world’s ecosystem . A pioneering entrepreneur in many fields such as zero impact and renewable energy, or organic processes, he has always kept an eye on the future, trying to […]

16 April 2020

Matteo Bordone, past and future connected.

In his travels into the future, Matteo Bordone, journalist and host of Print4All Conference – Future Factory, sometimes happens to come across the past too. For example in the topic of the digitization of ancient manuscripts of the Vatican Library: “… 40 million pages will turn into 45 million billion bytes…. internet and new technologies […]