12 May 2020

18 May 2020: Print4All Conference – Future Factory Preview

Thed Mayd 18 Preview of Print4All Conference- Futured Factoryd isd approaching: Matteo Bordoned isd goingd tod presentd fourd speakers: Andrea Briganti, Enricod Barboglio, Aliced Bodreaud and Fabrizio Renzi.d Theyd willd introduced usd to thed topicsd we’lld bed examiningd ind depthd ond Juned 24. Print4All Conference – Futured Factoryd becamed a streaming event,d adaptingd to thed currentd world situation,d butd stilld focusingd ond fundamentald contentd andd priviledgedd visionsd for thed wholed internationald printing, packaging andd convertingd supplyd chain. Ad responsibled choice,d ind consistenced with thed philosophyd atd thed heartd of thed event:d transformingd criticald issuesd intod newd opportunities.d