Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica, Uteco and OMET first Main Sponsors

Three well-known manufacturers of printing and converting machines, ambassadors of Italian design and manufacturing excellence on the international scene, once again confirm their support to the Print4All formula, renewing their sponsorship of the print supply chain event.

This year Main Sponsors support the innovative formula that inspires the new B2B fair of the sector and the related events that precede and follow it, in order to give continuity to the relationship with the global market. This includes their proactive commitment to the more general marketing and communication project and the way they handle relations with customers, suppliers and the entire flexible packaging and paper converting, labelling and tissue supply chain. This is witnessed by the latest initiatives implemented at various levels by the flagship Italian multinationals.

“Culture of Excellence”, this is the claim that sums up the company philosophy of Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica. The company designs and manufactures central drum (CI) flexographic presses with a high technical and technological content ranging from 1 to 12 printing units and other complementary printing systems for laminating and converting plastic film, paper and cardboard packaging. The company has been part of the Koenig & Bauer Group, the second largest producer of sheet and roll offset presses worldwide, since 2013. With the integration in the Group, the company gained the experience in different sectors with the aim to become a leader in the flexible packaging sector. The conditions are set for further expanding the product portfolio, developing hybrid lines with diversified technologies of the latest generation, exploiting the existing expertise within the Group. The company is ensuring its presence on international markets by taking advantage of the already consolidated global distribution and service network, placing Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica among the world’s leading suppliers of technology for converting flexible packaging. “Culture of Excellence”, we said, the “mantra” that sums up the business strategy of Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica focused on research, development and production of flexographic printing machines, oriented towards satisfying the growing demands of the most exacting markets.

OMET, first player in the narrow web, advanced front of the flexo and a “visionary” forerunner of the hybrid machine concept (currently spotlighted as a fast growing market segment); as well as the leading player in the tissue sector (the recent partnership with OT further expands its offer and production capacity) is these days making a name for itself for the good results of the partnership with Durst, thanks to which it integrates digital printing functions in its portfolio of services. OMET recently introduced its new OMET XJet printing press, the extraordinary result of the combination between the renowned OMET flexo quality and DURST digital inkjet printing technology.  A project that involved Ritrama (author of a small revolution called linerless) and Italgrafica Sistemi as user-testimonial of the new machine. This innovation represents the latest stage of development (in order of time) of a company featuring a great market sensitivity, which can read the initial signs of future directions, and the excellence of R&D technicians.

Uteco, brand known all over the world, which oversees the global market from its headquarters in Verona and its US subsidiary, over the years accelerated its commitment towards a complete offer of state-of-the-art printing and processing technologies. Today, its portfolio includes flexo and roto, roto-offset and digital machines, as well as laminators and spreaders for a rapidly developing hi-tech market. The significant financial transaction of last July, which linked it to the private equity fund NB Renaissance, also opens a new phase of development along external lines, a prelude to a further “qualitative leap”. The growth policy pursued by Uteco is based on R&D investment and collaboration with partners and suppliers, in line with the spirit that characterizes the Print4All platform. Many emblematic events have been organized in recent months, among which the conference last November on hepatacromy (the second edition of FlexsoGood, dedicated to the extended gamut in flexography), developed in collaboration with companies like 3M-Prades, Sun Chemical, Rossini, Asahi, Camis, I & C-Gama, Grafikontrol and Simec Group to name the most prominent. And now it is preparing a repeat in the field of digital printing, on 6 and 7 February, hosting the Kodak VIP Inkjet Summit entitled “Creative Freedom in Packaging”. In-depth analysis will be offered on digital inkjet and the evolution of Uteco’s Sapphire EVO hybrid, with live demos of water-based inkjet printing performance for flexible packaging and labels.